Welcome to MU Online Philippines SEASON XV

We would like to welcome you and experiece the unique
and balanced game server, enjoy the PvP, PvM and Hunting.

Exciting and breathtaking Castle Siege and Arca War Battle
Show us your might and conquer the land of MU. - MU Online Philippines Team

??Time to go to war and we want you!

We are looking for players who are ready for battle. Simply form a guild with 10 members and receive a FREE guild pack.

Your guild MUST be registered and active during the Castle Siege Events. Your guild is also allowed to ally with the existing guilds.

Guild Pack includes:
1) Guild Master Set
- Ambition Set +15 + 5 Sockets with Level 10 Seeds
- 4th Wings/Cape +15 +1 PVP Option
- 3 Options Accessories
- Ambition Shield +15 +5 Sockets with Level 10 Seeds

2) 5 Members/PVP Sets
- Ancient Blue Eye Set +15
- Excellent Soul Weapon +15
- 3 Option Accessories
- 4th Wings/Cape +15 +1 PVP Option

3) 5 Holders/Switchers Set
- 3 Options Excellent Awakening Set +15
- 4th Wings/Cape +15 +1 PVP Option
- 3 Option Accessories
- Lower Excellent Season Weapon +15
- Ambition Shield +15 +5 Sockets with Level 10 Seeds

1. Must have a valid Facebook account.
2. Character must be at least level 800.
3. Submit a screenshot of your character to your Guild Master.
3. Guild Masters can send us a direct message containing in-game names of their members and screenshots of their characters as proof. We will manually add the items to their accounts.

Please note that ALL items are character and account BOUND. Free items will expire after 3 months. Also, only one(1) account per IP Address can claim a set. Dummy accounts will not be entertained. Send us a message for your questions.

Rally your forces and conquer the castle!

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- MU Online Philippines

Castle Siege

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Castle Owner: xAVASTx
Castle Lord: DLCeDriC
Money: 0
Tax Hunt Zone: 0
Next battle: 20:00 - 21:00, 25/09/2020


Status: Protected

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