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ImperiaMuCMS is the most powerful website for private MU Online servers.
Currently are supported only IGCN files (S6E3, S9E2), support for S10E3 will be added after release.


Expect continues updates on our server,

Gold VIP will remove from new created account
and will replaced with increased exp. on specific maps

For leveling...
Atlans 1 - 3 added normal exp. +7000%
Lost Tower 1 - 7 added normal exp. +7000%
Tarkan 1 - 2 added normal exp. +7000%

Swamp of Calmness added master level exp. +7000%

MU Philippines,

Castle Siege

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Castle Owner: ADMIN
Castle Lord: MUPH-ASTRO
Money: 405,190,399
Tax Hunt Zone: 0
Next battle: 20:00 - 21:00, 16/12/2018


Status: Protected

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