Welcome to MU Philippines SEASON XIII

We would like to welcome you and experiece the unique
and balanced game server, enjoy the PvP, PvM and Hunting.

Exciting and breathtaking Castle Siege and Arca War Battle
Show us your might and conquer the land of MU. - MU Online Philippines Team

Congratulation OVERKILL guild for winning MU Philippines Castle Siege Event!!

regards also with the Opposing Guild ZeroWin giving there best on Game 3! what a close fight!

Give us 24 hrs for processing the rewards

Next Castle Siege would be on May 5, 2019 owned by OVERKILL Guild

Thank You!

MU Philippines Admin

1st Anniversary MU Online Philippines

For those who availed in our Anniversary T-Shirt, you will be included on our Anniversary Raffle Event to be drawn on April 17, 2019, in the evening.

All you have to do is comment down below the photo of you wearing the Tshirt - (back only) with the hashtag, #MUPhil1stAnniversary.

Here are the following raffle items:


1st Grand prize

a. Awakening set +15+luck+28+7s
b. 1 Holyangel weapon or blessed weapon +15+skill+luck+28+2 excellent option of choice
c. 4th wings/cape +15+luck+28+1 excellent option of choice
d. Runedil's Goldentune Harp or Norrwen's Bloodstring Lyra, or Lemuria's Orb +15+5slot (clean)
e. 5,000 Gold Coins


2nd Grand prize

a. Socketed set +15+l+5socket+28 with lvl10 seeds of your choice
b. 1 Holyangel weapon or blessed weapon +0+skill+luck+28+2 excellent option of choice
c. 4th wings/cape +0+luck+28+1 excellent option of choice
d. Runeedil's Goldentune Harp or Norrwen's Bloodstring Lyra, or Lemuria's Orb +11+5slot (clean)
e. 3,000 Gold Coins


3rd Grand prize

a. Darkangel set +15+luck+28+7s
b. 1 Darkangel weapon +15+skill+luck+28+2 excellent option of choice
c. 1 conqueror wings +0+l+28+1 xopt of choice
d. Runeedil's Goldentune Harp or Norrwen's Bloodstring Lyra, or Lemuria's Orb +0+5slot (clean)
e. 2k Gold Coins


Consolation prize:

8 - awakening set +0+l+28+7s of choice

8 - ancient bloodyangel set +13+l+28+15s of choice

4 - xholyangel weapon +0+l+28+2xopt of choice

8 - xbloody angel weapon +13+l+28+2 xopt of choice

4 - xdivine weapon +0+l+28+2 xopt of choice

2 - 4th wings +0+l+28+1 xopt of choice

3 - conqueror wings +0+l+28+1 xopt of choice

5 - 3k gold coins

Total of 45 prizes.



Thank you very much!
MU Online Philippines


Hi MU Peeps!

Here are the details for our Monthly Raffle Promo for this month of March!

Start of Raffle Entries: March 06, 2019
Cut-off period of Raffle Entries: March 15, 2019
Raffle Draw Date: March 16, 2019

Here are the following items for the raffle:
1 piece of Archangel Hammer
1 piece of Bloodstring Lyra 12345, of choice
1 piece of Radiance Ertel Rank2 (10,7) of choice

- Prizes will be modified/ changed every month (amount can be higher or lower depending on a special month or day)
- Participants can only win one (1) prize. You can't win two (2) or more prizes.
- Message your merchants if you will be using your points from your LOYALTY POINTS as raffle entry.
- Cut-off period is every 15th of the month, 10pm for informing the merchants of your entry.
- Merchants have the list of points/ raffle entry.
- For donations via paypal, points will be listed by the admin.
- Raffle Draw is on every 16th of the month.
- We will post the winners at our page together with the video of the raffle for proof.
- Consolation prize for those participants who will not win (150 bless).
- More entries, more chances of winning.

For further questions/ clarifications, please fee free to message us.

Thank you very much and Happy Gaming!
- MU Online Philippines -

Calling Attention to 8 Grand Masters who want to particapate to our Grand Master DM Event (No Enhance)

Minimum of level 800
Maximum of level 920
Master Stats Level Only

No Ruud Skill

Here are the following Rules and Regulations:

No Multiple Character Registration

You must use items & set for season 6 only.
You may use (Wing 2.5 or 3rd Wing Only) 
No Ruud Set and Socket Set
No Scroll
No Penta
No Pet/all kind of pet
No Food
No Ruud weapon/X380 weapon
No x380 set
No xdsa/blessed or normal DSA
No Muun Pet
No 4th wing
No Wwring/ Cash Shop Item
Teleportation while on Duel is not allowed

You can only use red, blue and green pots.

Potion of Soul : Yes
Use of Ale : No

Wait For The Go Signal of Game Master

In Every end of round wait for the 3 seconds countdown of Game Master Before Start

Pointing System:
1st DC = 2points will be given to the opponent
2nd DC = DQ

Duel time limit

1 hour only
Highest score will be hailed winner.


CHAMPION : 1 Year Blessed Divine Staff+15+Skill+Luck+28dmg+ 4 Battle Options + 3,000 Gold Coins + 500Jewel of Bless

2ND PLACE : xBA Staff+0+Skill+Luck+28dmg+2 opt of choice + 1,000 Gold Coins + 300 Jewel of Bless

Event Preliminary would be on March 9, 2019
Prepare 100 jewel of bless for registration

To join

Private Message at our office pagehttps://www.facebook.com/MuPhilippines2018/


Private Message at or [GM]Cathy https://www.facebook.com/catarina.devon.566


1. Hell
2. Kael
4, OKaKaShiO

MU Online Philippines


Blade Master DM Champion - [Kulafu]

Blade Master DM 1st Runner Up - BAMBAMBOY

And thank you very much to all who participated.
Next is Grand Master DM Event.

- MU Online Philippines

Castle Siege

! More details

Castle Owner: ZeroWin
Castle Lord: Kulas
Money: 547,960,819
Tax Hunt Zone: 0
Next battle: 20:00 - 21:00, 30/06/2019


Status: Protected

Top Voters

! Reset Every Month