Server Updates as of March 18, 2019



Hi MU Peeps!
Server is up and here are the following change logs for your reference.

1. server name = MU Phil 
2. xp boost = everyday xp boost = Schedule 12mn - 5am / 6am - 1pm / 2pm to 7pm / 8pm to 11pm
3. offlevel = enable
4. offtrade = enable
5. drops = 
 a. Box of Luck = Devine weapon/access/jewels/low season xsets/weapons = drops in devias
 b. LOT drops = Inprogress
 c. arca drops
 = Inprogress
 d. sod drops = posible drops penta/mitril/380 weapons/TOCA/ETOCA
 e. Nars = penta/mitril/elemental rune/ x accessories =  Done
 f. Raklion = socketed itms 
6. castle siege schedule = Done (Event schedule every sunday 8 to 9 pm)
7. Arca war Schedule = Every Wednesday and Saturday 9pm
8. xshop 
 a. scroll of obli = Green/Blue/Gray/Red/Black
9. premuim muun/muum pet expiry
 = inprogress
10. decrease mobs dmg in sod
 = default settings
11. stats reset for limited time Only = 100m Zen Only

For the item inclusions and bugs, we will fix it little by little every maintenance.

Thank you very much!
-MU Online Philippines

Server Updates as of Feb 03, 2019



Hi MU Peeps!

Here are the initial server updates and drops as of February 03, 2019.

Initial Update/s:
- Drop of Nixie Ticket in Nixie Map


1. Heart of Love in devias possible drops
a, Excellent/Normal set +3 to +13
b, Excellent/Normal Weapon +3 to +13
c. Excellent/NormalPen and Ring +0 to +4+3%rec
d. Excellent/Normal Divine Weapon +3 to +11

2. Steel Of Heaven drops
a. Kundun7
b. Erohim
c. Maya Hand = new
d. Selupan
e. Lord Silvester
f. Lord Elemental Beast
g. Lord Elemental Knigh
h. Core Magriffy
i. Lord of Ferea
j. Medusa = New
k. Nixie Lake Boss = new
l. God of Darkness = new

3. God of Darkness and Nixie Lake boss possible drops
a. Normal/Excellent/Ancient Darkangel itms (Weapon not included)
b. Normal/Excellent/Ancient Holyangel itms (Weapon not included)
c. Normal/Excellent/Ancient Awakening items

This is just the half of server updates as we are still on going with the other great updates you will surely love.

For further questions/ clarifications, you may directly message our page.

Thank you very much!
MU Online Philippines

Sever Updates 01/19/19



Hi MU Peeps!

Here are the following updates on our server as of 01-19-19.

1. server capacity increase 
2. lucky items tickets (Xshop) chance to +15 increase by 50% (random +1-15) 
3. Errtel cretion with equal percent (%) rate 
> Anger
> blessing
> Integrity
> Divinity
> radiance
4. Errtel of Radiance possible option for rank 1 with equal percent (%) rate
> Elemental Damage (II)
> Elemental Defense (II)
> Elemental Attack Success Rate (II)
> Elemental Defense Success Rate (II)
> Elemental Damage (III)
> Elemental Defense (III)
5. PVP server 4 red and blue pots ( Lumen the Barmaid )


1 Steel of Heaven Drops (requirements = party and divine weapon) with 20% Drop rate.
Monster that will possibly drop the item are the ff: 
> Kundun7
> Erohim
> Selupan
> Lord Silvester
> Lord Elemental Beast
> Lord Elemental Knight
> Core Magriffy
> Lord of Ferea
> Nix
2. Red Chocolate Box drops in Devias
> Normal and Excellent Divine weapons
> Normal and Excellent items including weapons
> Normal and Excellent accessories 
> Jewels (bless, Soul & Chaos)

Stay tuned for more updates as we finalize upcoming promos and raffle.

Thank you,
MU Online Philippines

Sever Updates 12/29/18





Server updates as of Dec. 29, 2018'


1. Xshop 50% off promo 
2. Bundle of toca and etoca webshop
3. Ancient Pentagram 1234 = socket issue done
5. Errtel creation 
    * Anger
    * blessing
    * Integrity
    * Divinity
    * Radiance
5. Selupan and kundun drops increase
6. Ref Damage in PVP increase
7. Muun Pet drops with multiplier valid for 1 month


Happy Gaming!


MU Online Philippines.





Server Updates as of December 9, 2018

Drops Update:

Deep Dungeon

1. Golden Sentence
2. Excellent Dark Angel Set
3. Excellent Holy Angel Set
4. Excellent Awakening Set

Arca Winner 

1. Sphere
2. Sphere upgrade rune 
3. Bloodangel Elf (Ene)
4. Bloodangel Magic (Ene)
5. Increase Drop Rate of Bloodyangel items and Exc. Accessories 


1. Ancient Pentagram 
2. Methril Fragment (All Elements)
3. Elemental Rune

Other Drops = Ongoing

Happy Gaming!

Server Initial Updates




Server Updates as of December 3, 2018


1. Website error - Solved

2. 4th Quest Bug - Solved

3. VIP price back to original price

                * 7 Days = 100 Gold Coins

                * 15 Days = 175 Gold Coins

                * 30 Days = 300 Gold Coins

4. Castle Siege Event (CS) Damage Increase

5. Errtel Max Rank 3 Option 10 ( 10 10 10)

6. Gold Coins to Ruud Coins 75% discount

7. Sets/Weapon/Ingredients Drops

                * 4th Wings combination Ingredients = In-progress

                * Errtel Ingredients = In-progress

                * LOT Drops Increase = Done

                * Socketed Drops Increase = Done

                * Mono Sphere drops at Raklion/Arca Winner map Increase

                * Arca Winner drops of ancient bloodyangel increase = Done

                * Drops of XDA, XHA and XAwake Parts = In-progress


MU Online Philippines, 






Server Changelogs

CashShop or "xShop"
Black Oblivion
Sphere Upgrade rune x30 switch character after purchase
Party Exp
Scrolls 1 day / 7 days
4th wings rental for 12 hours
5th wing rental for 1 day description is 3 hrs. but it is 1 days once you click it will be change in next update
Elite SD and Elite potion x30 for only 200 wCoins
Bless of light Greater x10
Elemental Talisman of Luck / Chaos Assembly
Jewels of Bless / Soul x30

Off Level Allowed Skills to use :
Activated only to GOLD VIP Channel


"Dark Wizard"

Evil Spirit
Ice Storm


"Dark Knight"

Rageful blow
Death stab
Strike of Destruction


"Fairy Elf"

Multi shot
Triple Shot
Ice Arrow


"Magic Gladiator"

Evil Spirit
Twisting Slash
Power Slash
Fire Slash



Fire burst
Chaotic Deseier
Fire Scream



Lightning Shock
Chain Lightning
Drain life



Dark Side
Dragon Roar
Chain Drive
Dragon Slasher
Phoenix Shot


Off Trade - Goblin Points fee, auto disconnect after 23 hrs.


11 / 05 / 2018
Premium GOLD (VIP) Channel

Premium Off Level System Activated
1 wCoins / hour 

Item drop rate increased by : +20%
Excellent drop rate increased by : +20%
Experience rate increased by : +50%

**Chaos Machine Combination**
Normal combination percentage added ( +10 - 15 ): +5% 
Socket combination percentage added ( +10 - 15 ): +5% 
Pentagram combination percentage added ( +10 - 15 ): +5% 
Enhanced combination percentage added ( +10 - 15 ): +5% 
Wings combination percentage added : +5% 

*Restriction applies for regular server*

*Activated to Premium GOLD VIP Channel*

***Deep Dungeon 1-5***




Webshop and InGame shop "xShop"





                We are currently setting up our inGame shop "xShop" Webshop and CashShop, wait for further announcement



Thank you and Happy Gaming!

MU Philippines, 

Changelogs 09-16-2018





  • Arca Buffs winner drop Ancient Bloody Angel and Exc. Accessories
  • Castle Siege Winner Ancient items and Bundle of Jewels
  • Castle Siege winner removed Gold pet and 5th Wings reward change to 2k GC for 3 consecutive win
  • Star of Sacred Birth drop exc items


MU Philippines,

Changelogs September 08, 2018



 Added lang bits to file
 Modified lang bit
 Added Potions Recovery Rates settings
 Fixed list of items that are allowing moving to Icarus
 Fixed party move allowed to move to Icarus even if not meeting criteria of the move (lack of required items)
 Blocked ability to equip any transformation ring in Chaos Castle and Chaos Castle Survival
 Improved item draw randomity for Miracle Box Shop
 Fixed Wings Attribute Level Up Mix rate does not work properly
 Fixed return points issue after use of Scrolls of Oblivion, see notes below
 Fixed not working Enable option in Ruud Store
 Fixed issue making character using invisibility buff effect visible after warp
 Fixed inability to exit game trough 'Exit Game' option because of conflict with reconnect system
 Fixed issue not allowing to add points to 4th skill tree in certain scenario, see notes for more details
 Excluded Offline Levelers from Personal Stores Search list - Soon

1.) Now Oblivion Scrolls used to reset 3rd tree can be used by 3rd character class only. Scroll used to reset 4th tree can be used by 4th class only and will reset third and fourth tree at the time of use.
2.) Character which experience issue adding points to 4th tree must reset their tree after applying this update patch.

3.) Off Trade disabled at Servers 1-Gold, 3-Regular and 4-PvP you can Off Trade only at server 2 Market place

4.) BER Month enjoy x1000 ~ x4000 exp boost until end of month

Server updates 08-09-2018





Increased Jewel droprate

Boss monster drop ( Ongoing )

Kundun drop 15 pcs. item random drop

BC reward ruud / GP

Experience rate schedule

Mon - Thursday  500%

Friday - Sunday 2000%


Increased drop rate Socketed items random 1~5 sockets at Raklion

Decreased exchange rate of Gold Coins to Jewels

Webshop ( Ongoing )

Attack speed change to default

Balgass gain ruud / GP

Starting gear improved to ancients ( Ongoing )


VIP Settings improved features

Exp rate add DAY - 1000%  /  NIGHT - 2000%

All drops increased 5% /  Excellent items 5% 

Goblin Chaos Machine increased success rate %

Drop Increased



MU Philippines, 


Server Maintenance 07-14-2018 Changelogs


PVP damage adjusted
NPC Elveland Potions
Valley of Loren event mobs removed
Lucky items can be upgrade up to +9
Event inventory reset every end of month
Arca war @ 17:00H Wednesday and Saturday

Arca war trophy reward

Bundle of Jewels, Random seeds, fruits, Condor feather, Talisman of luck

Acheron Guardian Event activated
Arca War Winner reward drop excellent XBA ,ABA and Ring of Block
Upgrade of lucky set activated
Lorencia and Elveland Scroll in NPC
Lunar Rabbit - Muun Drop and  Bundle of Jewels
Pentagram Drop on Acheron Map


Astro MU Team,




Changelogs after maintenance


Excellent items droprate increased

380 ITEMS Drop - Raklion / Kalima 7

Season 8 accessories

Ruud Exchange 60% Off for 1 month

Event inventory - Fixed (Empty event inventory before claiming)

Fenrir creation - Fixed

Event box -Fixed

Land of Trials Drop - increased rate

Pvp circle - in progress

Lucky items move to vault - in progress

Selupan drop - increased

Talisman of Chaos assembly - 50% off

Evomon - activated 20mins disappear 

Server Maintenance July 01, 2018




candy box
Chocolate box
Ribbon box
Box of heaven
socket items increase drop rate
penta drop rate


Gold server 
Exp. +100%
Master XP +100%
Drop +20%
ExcDrop + 10%
+10 60 addluck 25 = 85%
+11 60 addluck 25 = 85%
+12 60 addluck 25 = 85%
+13 55 addluck 25 = 80%
+14 55 addluck 25 = 80%
+15 50 addluck 25 = 75%

Ruud coins add to specific boss after kill

Ruud skill damage adjusted ( on going adjustment )

Damage adjusted PvP and PvM

x2000 Exp event extended

Golden Goblin drop


Astro MU Team,


Server Maintenance June 15, 2018


  • Buff akeron tower
  • Kundun drop increased
  • Selupan drop Increased
  • Medusa drop Increased
  • Mu Rummy reward
  • Jewel of Life Drop
  • Shining peak - Kalima 3 drop
  • Exp. Boost ( 12am to 6am - 500%  /  7am to 12pm - 1000%  /  13pm to 22pm - 2000%
Server Maintenance May 09, 2018



Multi-Client for Multi PC in 1 shop

Moss Sword box
Moss Staff box
Moss Bow box
Moss Scepter box
Moss stick box
Bless jewelry box
Soul Jewelry box
Miracle Coin box

guild create Lv 180
Max guild member 120
Alliance Min. Guild mem. 40
Alliance Max Guild 6

Condor feather 60%
2.5 wings combi rate 60%
3rd wing Combi rate 30%

Fenrir Combination
Fragment - 60%
BrokenHorn - 40%
HornOfFenrir - 20%

Goblin points reward for playing time
3 GP for BC
3 GP for DS
3 GP for CC
3 GP for CW
3 GP for Nightmare
3 GP for Illusion Temple
3 GP for Dopple
3 GP for Imperial Fort

2nd wing solution drop 
3rd wing solution drop
4th wing solution drop

Socketed weapon and set

1 2 3 4 5 

Exp Bonus
Time: 23 - 4 Bonus: 15% itemDrop: 15%  
Time: 5 - 10  Bonus: 10% itemDrop: 5%
Time: 11 - 16 Bonus: 5% itemDrop: 5%
Time: 17 - 22 Bonus: 2% itemDrop: 5%

Evolution Monster - Reconfigured event ready
Ferea Battle - Reconfigured event ready
Gambling Lottery - Reconfigured event ready
GodofDarkness - Reconfigured event ready
Loren deepEvent - Reconfigured event ready
NixieBattle - Reconfigured event ready

Arca War every 
Thursday and Sunday
Start time: 17:00
Marriage required 500m
Miracle box Reward

Kundun box 1 2 3 4 5 
Goblin points
Exc items Low drop, Items, jewels, accessories

Blood Castle Exp Bonus 3% multiplier
Devil Square Exp Bonus 3% multiplier
Reward : Ruud + Goblin Points 
Buff Gladiators - reward ruud
Medusa reward Ruud+ goblin points
MuRummy reward goblin points

Chaos Castle 3%

imperiaGuardian Exp reward
Kanturu event - Reconfigured event ready
Bomb Game - Reconfigured event ready
Jewel Bingo - Reconfigured event ready
MuRummy - Reconfigured event ready
Raklion Hatchery - Reconfigured event ready