Welcome to MU Philippines SEASON XIII

We would like to welcome you and experiece the unique
and balanced game server, enjoy the PvP, PvM and Hunting.

Exciting and breathtaking Castle Siege and Arca War Battle
Show us your might and conquer the land of MU. - MU Online Philippines Team

Welcome to our server MU Season 13, we are humbly inviting you to experience and enjoy MU Online.

To registered please click the link below: 

1. This is open to all players, but it's STRICTLY one (1) IP Address, One Avail only.
2. Share this post in your timeline, take a screenshot of it.
3. Create a new account,http://muonlinephilippines.com, and then create a character based on your preferred class.
4. Reach the level of 400, quested.
5. Screenshot your character together with the level.
6. Send a private message to this page together with the following:

- Screenshot of the Character with level 400, quested.
- Screenshot of the share.
- Requested gear (you may see the available gears below).

Follow this example sequence:

Username: MUPhil
Set : Vicious
Ring: Ice
Pendant: Ice
Weapon: Bone Blade

Automatically the gear will be
Vicious Set +13+L+16+5stam
Wing +9+16 will base on class
Ring and Pen: 2 Options + 3% HPrec

Here are the Freebies Gear Available:

Excellent +13+L+16 (2) Excellent Options Or
Ancient 13+L+16+5stam

2nd or 3rd Wings +9+16 (no excellent option ex. ignor)

WEAPON Season 4
Explosion Blade, Soleil, SylphWind Bow, Bone Blade, Grand Viper Staff.

Weapon normal or Excellent 13+L+S+16 (2 options) 
380 weapon +13+L+16+S+PINK (no exc 380 weapon)
NO Yellow Opt.
Alacran Lance +13+s+l+16+2xopt (for GL)

Excellent Accessories 2 Options +3%HPrec (No plus)
Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Magic, Poison, Ice

Lighting, Water, Fire, Wind, Ice, Ability,

Note: Max of 2 Options ONLY

List of Ancient Sets:

Hyon, Vicious, Rave, Berserker, Mist, Enis, Anubis, Aruan, Karis, Elvian, Peize, Drak, Muren, Gaion, Agnis, Broy, Chrono, Semeden, Vega, Chamer, Dorov.

Selected Season 4 Normal and Excellent Sets:

See available sets on the list below

Bronze, Brass, Scale, Plate, Dragon, Wind, Spirit, Guardian, Bone, Legendary, Grand Soul, Storm Crow, Thunder Hawk, RedWing, Ancient, Light Plate, Adamantine, Dark Steel, Sacred Fire, Princie.

Note: Choose only one on the list, no other sets available..

MU Online Philippines,


For gold coins donation, here are the following "official merchants" you can message:


Name: Jindrich Delrosario
FB Account: Jindrich Delrosario
Contact No.: 09479957953
Donation Outlets: MLhuillier / Palawan / LBC / BDO

Name: Julius Mon Manay
FB Account: Julius Manay
Contact No.: 09164230614 / 09430912913
Donation Outlets: Palawan / Cebuana / Metrobank / BDO / Landbank

Stay tuned for more updates as we will be having a raffle event soon. Will have a separate post for this.

Thank you very much!




OffTrade will be available only in Loren Market,

Off Level now only cost 1 wCoins per Hour! ( This will be available on next Maintenance )


Enjoy and Happy Gaming!


If you connect while we are under maintenance, then you downloaded the wrong file!

download the correct .dll file in our website under PATCH TOOL and Copy and Paste to your MU Folder.


Enjoy and Happy Gaming!


type /offlevel

Off level non-stop
Attack interval - 1 sec
Charge fee - 20 wCoins / Hour

Disconnect once character dead

Rebuff - 10 sec.
Heal - below 80% HP
Pickup: Zen, All Exc, All Socket, All Ancient

Basic skill attack only
choose 1 skill

Buffer check your settings



MU Philippines,

Castle Siege

! More details

Castle Owner: ZeroWin
Castle Lord: Kulas
Money: 0
Tax Hunt Zone: 0
Next battle: 20:00 - 21:00, 20/01/2019


Status: Protected

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